An American Platform

There are values which unite a large majority of Americans.  These values reflect the beliefs and the ideals that go back to America’s birth. 


When we unite and demand leadership and accountability and responsiveness from our elected officials, we are where all the power is! But as long as we do not demand what is best for America, they have nothing to fear. Election after election Republicans and Democrats have shown that it is not enough anymore to look to Washington for leadership and answers, we must look within and to each other. 


I don’t believe in beltway edicts, I believe in American ideas. I place my political faith in the genius of the founding fathers, the ingenuity of the common man and the God given blessing of the American dream.


Together we must stand up to Washington’s machines and settle for no less than to strengthen and revitalize America’s core values.  Our goal should be to provide long-term solutions instead of short-term fixes. This platform presents solutions that are based on the fundamentals upon which our country was founded, not what is expedient and feels good today but rather are challenging goals that unite a large majority of Americans.


The following ideas are some of the many solutions that receive wide spread support among Democrats, Republicans and Independents alike.  I plan to publish one a week and update others based on feedback and ideas from you the readers.  Read, discuss, innovate and share, but most of all, stay a free thinking, political insurgent!


1. Introduction
2. Campaign Finance & Election Reform
3. Immigration & Border Reform
4. The English Language
5. American Culture
6. The Fairness Doctrine
7. Science, Technology & Education
8. Energy and the Environment
9. Oil, Coal, and National Security
10. Taxes and Jobs
11. Social Security and Retirement
12. Freedom of Religion
13. Defense & Foreign Policy
14. Economic Policies
15. Welfare Reform
16. Abortion & Health Policies
17. Criminal Policies
18. Presidential Term Limits
19. Balanced Budget Reform
20. Eminent Domain
21. Sharia Law


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