Voting Record

First off, let me say I am not a politician, I’ve never held a public office and I don’t have a public voting record. From past elections, I could tell you who I voted for in presidential, most senatorial and some congressional races, other than that I didn’t really keep track. Something I wish I had done now. None the less, while the fundamental principle in our country is voters having the right to a secret ballot, I’ve made the decision to post my selections from the 2008 general election from Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District. I did as much research as I could on each of the candidates (between a full time job during the day and full time job working home trying to control a household of four – two teenagers included) and voted. While I know posting this could get me in “trouble” with the GOP leadership, because I didn’t vote party line, I would rather everyone know how I voted and interact with me as I am rather than pretend to be a lockstep follower.

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