How to Vote Responsibly

This is cross-posted from Responsible Citizen. Words to live/vote by indeed!

1. Vote for the person that you want in that office. If you do not know who you want then you may need to spend some time learning about the responsibilities of the office, the character of the candidates, and the pressing issues that may exist. You can do that by searching the net. It is much easier to to do that today than it has ever been. You must use your judgement  to choose what is likely true and what is likely false and which items you will believe and which items are bogus.  If you find a site that is all negative and/or all positive about a specific candidate you can be certain that you are subject to propaganda. Choose your sites well. Here is one site that can help you: 

2. Do not vote a straight party ticket. Both major political parties have their share of clunker candidates. Sometimes a party will select a candidate because the candidate can be controlled to vote as the party wants instead of voting for what is right for your city, county, or state. Sometimes the party candidate is a crook or a cheat or a liar. By voting a straight ticket, you permit the bad candidate to corrupt the political process and deliver bad government instead of good government. Choose who you will vote for and not which candidate is Republican or Democrat or, possibly, Martian.

3. Vote for the character of a candidate, first and foremost.  It is difficult to discover the character but look for a genuine person. This type of person is inwardly focused and not easily swayed by the words of others. They make judgements based upon their discernment of what is right and what is wrong. They are not likely to be your friend when they meet you but they are likely to size you up and listen intently to your every word for the meaning of what you say. Different types of offices will require different types of character to be successful. In some offices, you may want a gregarious, intelligent, and friendly person. In others, you may want serious intellectual capacity but also a person that is not likely to form friendships easily.

4. Look for candidates with experiences that match the organization they will manage. Select people who have received leadership training and have leadership experience. Refuse to vote for candidates for large organizations that have never managed managers. This is crucial because managers of managers possess knowledge to give clear direction and assign responsibilities. Managers of workers give only task assignments and they will fail to manage managers without a good support system. Political candidates do not have a support system like companies do. Military personnel are accustomed to leading but they may not have the specific experience needed to lead an organization well.

5.  Do not vote for the most experienced candidate because of their experience.  Find that balance between knowledge, experience, character, and leadership. The most experienced candidate in healthcare may have always served as an aide. They will lack leadership. The most knowledgeable candidate may lack character. Find the candidate with the right combination, or the best combination, at the time of the election.

6. Vote more for “knowledge of” rather than for “positions on” issues.  The political parties try to get you to vote for issues instead of strong candidates. Do not be fooled into voting for party idiots because they will vote the party line. Vote for knowledgeable people. How do you find them? Go to their hometown events. Listen to them talk and listen to their answers on the questions that are raised by others. Do they parrot the party line ’solution’ or do they speak about the problem in detail? Choose the candidates that know the subject.

7.Look for candidates that make extraordinary enemies. It is important that the person you select can say ‘no’ to people without making them enemies. It is also important that they can say ‘yes’ without becoming a friend. When all other criteria mentioned above are in place: Look for candidates that the rich and powerful people dislike. The US government is about you and I and we are neither rich nor powerful. Look for candidates that accept the rich and powerful as part of America but that would serve all Americans.   

8. Use your vote to send a message when you don’t like the candidates on the ballot.  You are not wasting your vote if you vote for the person you want in office. Some of your friends will say : “Don’t throw away your vote by voting for the “X” Party. If you do the Democrats/Republicans will win and we will have to live with that idiot for four years.” I say to you that it is your vote and you have the right, and the obligation, to vote as you see fit. You throw away your vote only when you vote for someone you do not want.
Others may say, ” I am not voting this year because I don’t like any of the candidates.” They are exactly wrong. You should write in the candidate that you want. Why? Because every vote for someone not on the ballot tells the Republican/Democrat/Martian candidates that you want someone different, or better, than the candidates they put in front of you. So tell them you don’t like their candidate and do it by voting for someone else. If you stay home, nobody cares.
Still others may say: “What’s the difference? They are all crooks.” That simply is not true. The only crooks in government are crooks that convince people to vote for them. And they do it by manipulating you and others to vote for them when you know they are the wrong person for the job. There are crooks in government and you can vote them out. Do it in every election. 

You have only one vote for each government position and you only can do it once or twice a year. 

Vote Responsibly. Save America. 


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